I have always been amazed at the reaction of an entrepreneur, business owner, to the question “When you acquired the business or incorporated it, did you do it in order to enrich it (the company)? Or indirectly enrich yourself, grow your wealth, and obtain a desired quality of life?”
The reaction that always surprises me is the time it takes to answer this question and the reluctance the owner has to give me THE answer.
The situation arises from the fact that the company develops its identity and personality so much that it goes beyond that of the owner or shareholder. But, a priori, companies are created with the aim of helping their customers, which creates wealth for the company and then enriches the heritage of the entrepreneur, but this last part is forgotten over time.

The entrepreneur puts all his time and reinvests all the profits in the company and even if it has a significant turnover when the time comes for the entrepreneur to acquire a service or ‘a good, he can’t provide an answer like “I don’t have what to pay you, but trust me I am a shareholder of a company that is worth more than five million.”

For most of them, future financial security depends on the continuation of the business moreover the continuation of the business largely depends on the presence of the entrepreneur, the two are closely related and interdependent.

Unfortunately, all the stakeholders, accountants, tax specialists, lawyers, notaries, investment advisers, insurance advisers, will all come up with a theory specific to their fields of expertise and not a global vision of the entrepreneur, of his values, his goals and the foreseeable obstacles that could prevent him from achieving his desires.

This is why we take a global approach that takes into account all facets of planning from a corporate, personal, fiscal and asset protection point of view. We like to make an analogy of planning with that of the rubik’s cube.

The other thing that differentiates us is that being fee or commissioned, the various stakeholders will make sure you find a need if not even create one. Since all decisions are based on values, planning should not be bland but based on the client’s values ​​and wishes.

If those few words do not reach you, no need to try to use our services since this is the mission of our company.

– Alain Latulippe –


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